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We currently have two half cabins in our fleet, available for full or half day hire on Sydney Harbour, these are great all purpose boats, they have been hired for, fishing, birthdays, proposals and even appeared in TV and movies. our hire boundaries are between Silverwater bridge and Watson's bay. 


Known to us only as the Halfcab, she is a Whitley designed plywood clinker, similar to the Gadfly and roughly about the same age, the Halfcab was restored by the team at Abbotsford Boatshed and served much the same life as the Gadfly providing thousands of memorable days out on Sydney Harbour.


The Gadfly is a Dundon designed plywood clinker, she was re-launched in 1989 after a complete restoration by the team at Abbotsford Boatshed, and has since had several touch-ups to maintain good condition, the Gadfly is over 40 years old and has served her time well, providing many enjoyable trips on Sydney Harbour and we are sure there will be many more.

Clipping district news December 12, 1989



Phone: +61 2 9713 8621(recomended for weekend hire, Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard accepted).


Contact us for further information.




 Length  18ft (5.4m)
 Width  6ft (1.8m)
 Max load 6 adults
 Max speed 10 knots


Plywood & Fibreglass



8hp outboard




Life Jackets

Bailing bucket


Fire extinguisher


















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