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The questions and answers on this page are general guides, they are true and correct at the time of publishing, as such may be subject to change, please enquire at time of booking if you are unsure of anything.

Q. Do I need a licence?
A. Generally no, we only have one boat in our fleet which requires that you hold a current waterways boat licence and this boat is currently out of service.
Q. How much will fuel cost me?
A. Fuel cost is included in all hires.
Q. Do you need identification
A. Yes we require you to provide photo identification on the day of your hire.
Q. When should I book?
A. During the warmer months, we suggest 2 to 3 days in advance, during the rest of the year you would most likely be able to walk straight in. 
Q. Can I Hire a Boat for New Years Eve?
A. Unfortunately, we currently do not have any boats that are permitted to be hired outside daylight hours.
Q. What sort of equipment do you have onboard the Hire Boats?
A. Please return to the hire page and select more... next to each boat, then view the blue frame to the right for full specifications including equipment ------------------------------------------------------>>>
Q. Where can I take the Hire Boat?
A. Our Hire boundaries are set between Silverwater bridge and Watson's Bay, A map is provided upon Hiring the boat and the boundaries are clearly pointed out.
Q. Is there a deposit?
A. Yes a deposit is required on all hires.
Q. Are there any age limits to hire a boat?
A. The law states that in order to sign into an agreement, you must be over 18 years of age, we will however allow children aged 14 years and up to take a hire boat, on the condition that their legal guardian over the age of 18, sign the agreement prior to the boat being taken.




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