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A brief look at one of the oldest and most interesting places on Sydney Harbour;  

Abbotsford Boatshed has been a feature of Abbotsford Point since the late 19th century.  The Boatshed was built in 1884 by Alfred Charles Bailey, Alfred and his son Hector ran a local ferry service and had interests in other businesses in the surrounding area, they started hiring boats sometime between 1884 & 1889.

Abbotsford Boatshed from Parramatta river 1898

(picture Sydney Rows published 1970) 

Hector took over the business after his father passed, the Boatshed remained in the Bailey family name until 1st of January 1970, when it was sold to Les Wells, Mr Wells only held the business for a short period, he sold the Boatshed to Bruce Kyle in November 1971.

Abbotsford Boatshed from the roadside 1908

(picture Drummoyne published 1971)

My Kyle continued with the hire boat business, changing the trading name to Bruce's Boats, later known as Bruce's Boats and Boomerangs, he offered hire boats, carved wood products including boomerangs, the boatshed also became renowned for many famous and sometimes infamous parties, provided for everything from birthdays to bucks parties.

In 1983 Mr Kyle passed away, leaving the business to his youngest son Roger, who returned to the original trading name of Abbotsford Point Boatshed and now provides many fine services which include and are available on this site, being; Boat hire, Boat sales, Boat repairs and Mooring lease and service.



Abbotsford Boatshed is one of the oldest boatsheds on Sydney Harbour, these days it's walls are filled with memorabilia and nautical artefacts alike, a collection over 100 years in the making.  As the old saying goes, "if only these walls could talk", today the Boatshed still operates as it has since 1884.  Although it has improved to suit the modern world it still holds its charm, as the last original boatshed on Sydney Harbour that is still in operation.

Abbotsford Boatshed artists impression 1994

(artist Peter Ostara)

The Boatshed is the only popular place that nobody knows about, it has featured in newspapers, TV and movies numerous times over it's many years, yet if you ask someone "do you know where Abbotsford Boatshed is" 99% of people will say "no, never heard of it" it is only the locals that could tell you, we want everyone to experience the charm of Abbotsford Boatshed and the excitement of a day out on Sydney Harbour in one of the many hire boats we offer.



Abbotsford Boatshed offers many of the services of a large marina with a small business attitude, every customer is a name with a face not just a number unlike many of the big corporations. A short description of our services below.


We offer several kinds of boats for hire ranging from 14ft to 20ft and prices range from $65 to $275, we also have new hire boats currently being restored, which will join the hire boat fleet adding a novelty to your hire boat experience, one being a miniature tug boat more....


Abbotsford Boatshed always has a verity of boats for sale, we provide a broker service right from the boatshed, this service includes advertising in papers, magazine and the internet, we also provide transport for potential buyers to view the boat. To view current boats for sale or to enquire about the sale of your boat see more....


Traditionally Abbotsford Boatshed was a full time workshop, where small watercraft were built from scratch, a number of materials were used including timber, fibreglass and aluminium, these days with mass produced fibreglass cruiser it is no longer practical to build boats at the shed, instead we focus 100 years of knowledge and more than 30 years of experience into the repair and maintenance of all watercraft from hull to fly-bridge our expertise include detailing, fibreglass, timber boat restoration and more....


We provide all your mooring needs, lease swing moorings for boats upto 60ft in length, we can provide regular servicing of your mooring, and also provide a towing service to relocate both your boat and mooring more....


Abbotsford Boat Hire the most fun you will have on Sydney Harbour

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